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A mainstream English Medium School registered with Pearson Edexcel, UK

Modern Solution

We ensure the optimum education for our students through online classes and examinations during the lockdown period.

Your faith

You take care of the sowing and we take care of the growing. We prioritize safety and security of our students above all.


We believe education should not be confined to books. It's about exploring knowledge. We make learning comfortable and enjoyable.

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Core Values


Pursuing excellence

Just as we give our best for our students, we ensure that our delivery is of the highest standard. We go the extra mile for our students and their well being.



We believe that students learn best when they are engaged in a student-centered or standards-based curriculum which emphasizes hand-on, brains-on project-based learning. We are a dynamic staff and we seek to create a dynamic engaging learning environment.


Extracurricular activities

We want our students develops confidence through participation. It allows them to identify their own strengths and set personal goals for improvement. Involvement in sports activities help them pursue interests in a manner which broadens horizon.



We make sure our students are informed about the daily life hazards and how to take safety measures. We want to make sure our kids learn how to live strong in and out of the campus.

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