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Mid-Term exam preparation and guidelines.

Dear parents,
As our Midterm exams are almost knocking on the door, we are sending this message to make you stay aware during the exam time. The following points are the preparation for exam and exam environment as directed by the Juvenile English Medium School authority:

  1. Students should be sharp on time or else this might result in a loss in time which will lead to hampering in the exam. 
  2. By any chance, taking into account that we are dealing with technology, if the link doesn’t open when clicked from the chatbox, students should copy the link and try again using the browser.
  3. Backup mobile data is the most important thing to keep as no excuses will be taken into consideration by anyone from the school authority.
  4. Submitting after time will dismiss students’ exam papers through Google Form.
  5. All devices that are being used by the students to sit for the exam should be fully charged so that no disturbance during the exam is faced.
  6. The exam room must be well lit and noise-free with a proper seating facility.
  7. We would highly suggest for you to make sure no one is around the student during the exam period to avoid further disruption

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