Why Juvenile

Juvenile English Medium School excels in providing the utmost care and support your child needs in achieving their goals as well as becoming a responsible citizen. Here, our main priority is providing quality education and support to our children, usually adapting to the teaching processes that fit each student’s needs individually. The school provides an education system that is globally recognized and has been certified officially by Edexcel to do so (Centre No. 93748). The school also provides safety and comfort for students as well as guardians whether it is to bring forth any crucial information beforehand as well as coping up with current times to provide the entire premises with easy access to disinfectants and regular disinfectant spray routines. The school also provides the entire facility with a constantly developing ICT sector that upgrades the school teaching methods as new technology is added, the education techniques get better and makes it easier and fun equally for teachers and students alike. The entire faculty believes in a strong communication bridge to maintain a healthy relationship with the guardians of the children so we provide a very flexible communication to any authority or teachers. With a warm, homely environment for students upheld by only the best teachers fit for such immense responsibilities Juvenile English Medium School has all that you and your children needs.

How to apply

Documents Required
  • 2 passport size photo of the student.
  • Parents NID photocopy.

Admission Process

We select our students upon taking a short test. Eligible candidates are greeted with a warm welcome.

Interested Guardians and students are requested send their admission related enquiries by filling up the form provided below.
Please make sure to provide a correct mobile number so that our team can get back to you.