" Assalamualaikum Juvenile Family, I am Mr. Md Saidur Rahman, the Chairman of Juvenile English Medium School. The vision that set us on this journey of building an institution that will respect the investment and trust parents will put on us was solely to uphold and entirely benefit the community and provide a platform where students will not only enrich themselves with education but an entirety of what makes them a responsible and successful citizen. For 13 years, I have upheld the responsibility to improving this institution whether it is adjustments during board meetings, staff communication workshops, and Parent and teacher meetings. Here in Juvenile English medium school, we believe learning is not only a process limited to school textbooks and exercises. To improve oneself, they require the knowledge of proper manners, social skills, self-worth, and empathy, which we believe are equally important. Therefore, all our staff rely on innovative methods of teaching which improve a student in aspects of facing their adulthood with as much well-built development as possible. And I hope to withheld in helping this institution be a setting stone in providing quality education as well as good morals for all the students. I wish its success and hopeful that it will be a useful instrument for the students in accomplishing their life and scholastic track. May Allah bless everybody. "
Md Saidur Rahman