" Assalamualaikum! I am Mohammad Moinuddin, the Managing Director of Juvenile English Medium School. With a prominent privilege to administer such an extraordinary and vibrant school, which offers every student with the opportunities they will require to progress in all stages of their lives and help them gain the tools to give back to the community, I humbly welcome each and every one to take`part in co-operating in assisting this institution to maximize on its potentials and allow us to continue the trend of trustworthy service we have provided for years. I have been a part of this institution for an astounding 15 years and as one of its founder I tried to guide it to shape the curricula and teaching procedures while adapting with the modern world. I have represented this school with the help of all the achievements this institution has to offer in different educational organizations and always provided the necessary mentoring, teacher workshop, seminars and the equipment so that each student can obtain the best education they possibly can. I can now say profoundly that our students are enlightening the community around the globe with their high performance and achievements. I hope to withhold the trust this community has put on me to carry out every objective responsibly and with the utmost dignity. Here I would like to take the opportunity to thank all my wonderful colleagues, all the dedicated teachers of Team Juvenile, respected parents and guardians of our beloved students, all our hard working staffs and employees and everyone of Juvenile Family for their great support and cooperation to make our journey smooth. I hope and look forward to your continuous and extensive support as you all have for these wonderful years, aiding us in surpassing the vision we had for this institution since we set it into motion. May Almighty Allah help all of us. "
Mohammad Moinuddin
Managing Director